Why Us


Why Choose Safari?

Success Comes to those who work hard, have vision, and create value. To this end, Safari is committed to truly deliver the warmth, serenity, and beauty of nature’s treasures. These materials bring romance and a magic, calm, casual, and natural way of life to our over complicated world. That is the reason why we at Safari invite you to Live the Journey with us each and every day.

1. 80+ years of combined knowledge of the industry and materials between our three person management team.

2. 55,000 customers and counting.

3. 80%+ repeat business

4. Nearly 30 years in business, with countless references and testimonials

5. Bi-coastal warehouses that ship anywhere in the world

6. Our ongoing commitment to being stewards of the planet

7. The single largest importer of tropically themed architectural materials in the USA.

8. Our first hand 30-year exploration of the world provides unmatched authenticity.

9. Safari’s “10-step quality assurance” program ensures that our materials meet the highest consistency and standards.