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ViroThatch: Bali

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ViroThatch: Reed

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ViroThatch is a very popular, eco-friendly roofing material that is used in parks, resorts, and hotels all over the world. ViroThatch products are made of synthetic materials that look and feel all-natural while offering you the advantages of man-made resources that are durable, long-lasting, and can be utilized in all climates.
Synthetic Thatch ViroThatch can be used on projects that experience extreme heat and humidity, in parks and resorts that are regularly pummeled with high winds, and in areas where freezing temperatures and heavy snow loads in winter are the norm. The freeze-thaw cycle doesn’t harm ViroThatch, and animals that tend to nest or settle in natural thatch find this synthetic material far less hospitable.

Advantages of Virothatch

  • Works well in every climate, indoors or outdoors. Virothatch is made of durable, eco friendly roofing materials that aren’t affected by either the cold temperatures of the north or the high heat and humidity experienced in many resort areas. It’s completely waterproof and weatherproof. It’s perfect for indoor waterparks, resorts in hot climates, or other areas that experience constant moisture and humidity.
  • Little-to-no maintenance needed. Virothatch is made from synthetic material that doesn’t rot or shed pieces of grass or thatch. Rodents and birds are not attracted to Virothatch and will not nest in it. It’s also termite resistant.
  • Fire rated. Our products have a full range of fire-rated options for the safety of you, your clients, and your guests. You can choose from non-fire retarded, Class-B, or full Class-A.
  • No fading. Unlike synthetic thatch made from PVC, which has a tendency to fade and turn brittle in the sun, ViroThatch is made from 100% high density polyethylene (HDPE). It’s UV-stable and is guaranteed for up to 20 years against fading and brittleness.
  • Safe, natural components. There are no toxic by-products contained in Virothatch materials because it is made entirely of HDPE, meaning that it’s 100% recyclable. It you have committed to build with green materials, our products are perfect to complement your home or business.


A Superior Product with Many Options

ViroThatch looks completely authentic! No one would guess that the thatched roof gracing your favorite restaurant is artificial. Our synthetic thatch has been engineered to provide the most realistic appearance possible. The result is exactly like natural thatch. Safari Thatch’s ViroThatch products are covered by an extensive warranty to give you peace of mind. ViroThatch products are readily available year-round and have been gaining popularity with resorts, island-themed restaurants, hotels with a global presence, and theme parks because:
Synthetic Thatch

  • It’s versatile. Virothatch is perfect for large roofs or small umbrellas, and can be used in conjunction with natural roofs too. It can be installed indoors or outside, and there is a style to match every traditional aesthetic.
  • It’s in the details. Each piece is made with the proper coloring and dimensions based on the type of thatch that you would like to use. It looks absolutely real because it mimics the texture and multi-hued coloration of natural thatch strands. We even hand-cut many of our thatch styles to ensure a truly unmatched result. Ask about our ceiling treatments to complete the illusion of a natural thatched roof.
  • It’s easy to install. All of Safari’s thatch products have been designed to be installed quickly and easily. Many customers enjoy performing the installation themselves, but for complex projects, we can provide an installation team, or onsite training for your own local contractors.
  • It’s fully customizable. Your roofs and umbrellas can be custom-designed to create your island escape! While Safari Thatch has Java, Bali, and Reed off-the-shelf options in the ViroThatch line, we also offer completely custom options for style, color, and texture. Do you have a picture from a favorite vacation destination that you want reproduced? No problem! When it comes to high quality artificial thatch roofing systems, for your business or home, Safari’s ViroThatch has you covered!