Tahiti Thatch Umbrella

Appearance Round umbrella w/ galvanized steel frame covered with the hardy Tahiti thatch panels. Instant island appeal.
Fire Protection Yes – achieves class A interior & exterior fire ratings
Durability Strong and durable galvanized steel frames are designed to withstand harsh coastal conditions. 6+ year life span on thatch, after which frame may be rethatched. Life varies due to relative humidity – the less humid, the longer the life.
Size Umbrella sizes from thatch edge diameter: 7.5ft dia, 9ft dia, 11ft dia, 12.5ft dia
Includes 4 section galvanized steel frame, your choice of pole (eucalyptus wooden post, or feux-bamboo sleeved galvanized steel), Tahiti thatch panels, hardware, and detailed installation instructions.
Ease of Installation Moderately difficult installation. Requires 2-3 people, and may take up to 3-4 hours.
Climate Mexican desert palm tree fronds