Rolled Bamboo Fence With Copper Wire

Made from our solid bamboo (see related products below), this fencing is incredibly strong. Heavy gauge copper wire is threaded through the poles, and allows the fence/screen to take curves easily. Once fixed to uprights, this product becomes a substantial fence. Often used as bar facades, restaurant partitions, backyard screening, wainscoting, etc.

Appearance Very strong and substantial screening/fencing. Solid bamboo poles are held together with copper wire, taking curves easily.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Perfect for outdoor applications, this product also works well inside.
Comm. vs. Res Can be used for both commercial and residential projects.
Fire Protection Yes, this can be done by spraying or painting the screen with Dura Series IV.
Durability Solid bamboo is used in the construction of these fences. This bamboo species has almost no core, and as such become tremendously strong. Poles are cut along the node so that water does not penetrate inside. Altogether tremendously durable.
Size 4ft x 8ft (75 lbs), 6ft x 8ft roll (113 lbs), 8ft x 4ft (75 lbs). Bamboo is approximately 0.5-1.5″ diameter.
Strength Once fixed to uprights, this can become a very strong physical barrier fence. The same bamboo is used in bar construction as well.
Materials Unique “Solid bamboo” species only found in Indo-China.
Privacy Poles are tightly pressed against one and other, allowing only the smallest crack of light between. Will work well as privacy fencing.