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Langara Weave

  • langara-weave

Thin blades of grass are woven loosely together into a burlap-like sheet. Its uniform light beige color gives subtle texture to walls and ceilings, and can also be used in anything from resin-covered counters, to gift-wrapping. Relatively easy to install, one must make sure to pay attention to the direction of the weave to ensure straightness.

Appearance   Thinly and fairly loosely woven grass with a uniformly light beige color. Similar to Burlap.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.)   Best for interior applications, but can be used under a lanai or covered porch.
Fire Protection   Yes – achieves class A interior fire rating when soaked in Series III.
Durability   Despite its rather delicate appearance, this is quite durable once applied to a backing. It accepts a urethane coating quite well, which provides additional lifespan. Finish with trim to protect the product edges.
Size   48" X 25' long roll
Ease of Installation   Relatively easy to install; most often applied with contact adhesive. Look at some of our other bamboo products to use as trim. NOTE: Pay attention to the direction of the weave when installing to keep it straight.
Stainability   Receives a stain exceptionally well, and is often treated in this way.
Materials   Grass