Natural Thatch

Natural thatch is a renewable, exotic building material that is sourced from around the globe and used to create authentic products for commercial businesses and homeowners. Safari Thatch first hand gathers high-quality thatch that is then incorporated into our different products, including:

  • Thatch roofing
  • Decorative wall or ceiling coverings
  • Umbrellas and umbrella accessories
  • Cabanas and Tikis

Natural thatch is used around the world, but is best for areas with dry conditions, low rainfall, and low humidity to ensure a longer product life. Safari also produces synthetic thatch for those areas with more severe weather conditions.

Types of Natural Thatched Materials

  • Elephant grass. This grass is long, graceful, and sways gently in the wind. When you think of the South Pacific, this style of thatch roofing usually comes to mind. Although it appears to be somewhat delicate, it is very hardy and can handle strong winds and other harsh environmental conditions. Ease of installation, along with a relatively inexpensive cost, make this thatch equally appealing to smaller “backyard” installations as well as larger commercial resort and attraction applications.
  • Tahiti Thatch. Made from a robust high-desert Mexican palm, “Tahiti Thatch” is actually helping to prevent deforestation of this slow-growth Palm. The value of the fronds exceeds the value of the heartwood, whose harvest kills the palm. It provides a very chunky rustic aesthetic. The thatch follows Safari’s standard thatch panel system, and can be easily applied to our thatch umbrella kits, large round-timber construction, or standard roofs.
  • Thatch Reed. Thatch Reed is the most popular of Safari’s natural thatch options. With its distinctive stepped-appearance, this thatch style is quite different from other thatch alternatives. This rugged reed provides highly efficient shade and can be the coolest spot around for any hot, sunny outdoor area! Although it’s often used in resorts and amusement parks, it can also be part of the perfect outdoor solution for your backyard.
  • Mexican Rain Cape. This thatch is used to create tropical ambience and can be used both indoors and outdoors. While its outdoor lifespan is somewhat limited, it is low-cost and is a perfect solution for indoor or temporary applications.

Natural thatch is a beautiful addition to many resorts and theme parks. Our project managers, designers, craftsmen, and installers can help you decide on the right natural thatch for your business or home. Call or contact us today to create your oasis.