Mexican Rain Cape

Palm frond Rain Capes are available in round umbrella capes as well as square sheets. A shaggy topside gives these capes instant tropical ambiance, and the underside reveals a woven diamond pattern. Its affordability makes this a popular purchase for Safari customers, but it has a limited outdoor lifespan.
Appearance Palm frond Rain capes are available in round or square panels. Shaggy in appearance, they create an instant tropical look. The underside is an attractive diamond woven pattern.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Can be used in both interior and exterior settings.
Fire Protection Achieves a class A fire rating on both interior and exterior applications
Durability Lasts indefinitely on interior applications, and between 1 and 2 years on exterior in wet-humid climates – twice as long in hot and dry climates. (limited outdoor lifespan is this product’s drawback)
Size Square panels: 42″ x 42″ x 1/8″ thick Round umbrella cape diameters: 9ft and 12ft.
Ease of Installation Exceptionally easy installation. Umbrella cape simply ties onto our umbrella frames. Square panels instantly give 12sq ft of coverage, and can be layered or butted up against each other on larger roof areas. Nail or staple in place.
Materials These premium quality rain capes (120 knots per sq ft) are hand woven from Mexican Palm Leaves.