Evergreen Screen

This matte light green colored screen is made with solid, full-round cane. As a result, it is long lasting and exceptionally resistant to weathering effects. This product is ideal for hiding ugly chain link fence or to lend privacy to a screened patio, and is commonly used as a wall or ceiling decorative treatment.

Appearance Very robust, solid, and full-round green cane, woven with plastic coated wire. Matte light green color.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Great for both interior and exterior projects.
Fire Protection Yes, this can be done by spraying or painting the screen with Dura Series IV.
Durability Resilient against weathering effects, this is a higher quality and hardier material than other rolled screening material commonly purchased elsewhere.
Size 6’6″t x 9’9″w
Ease of Installation Easy to install; use screws or nails, or if using to hide ugly chain link fencing simply use electrical ties or wire.
Strength Not a free standing fencing material. It can be attached to existing fencing however.
Materials Full-round cane & plastic coated wire