Duracane™ Synthetic Bamboo

Safari’s highly realistic PVC bamboo is hand painted and even has raised nodes just like our natural bamboo. It is a perfect substitute that can be submerged, used to sleeve steel or concrete columns or electrical conduit, or used in other climates or spaces that are unfriendly to the real thing. Additionally, it will not crack as it ages, and it is treated with a UV-stabilized mixture making it resistant to weathering affects – beautiful golden bamboo year after year with no maintenance.

Appearance Safari’s highly realistic PVC bamboo.  Hand painted poles even have raised nodes just like natural bamboo
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Great for both interior and exterior applications.
Fire Protection None – it is made from PVC, and as such does not need fire protection
Durability Clear top coat protects the paint and coloring of the pole.  Will not split or crack like normal bamboo.  Additionally, they are finished with a UV-stabilized acrylic and polyurethane mix, and is almost immune to outdoor weathering effects.
Size Diameters range from 1″ up to 10″ in 20′ lengths
Strength Is not structural, and should not be used as such.  It can be used to sleeve structural materials however.
Stainability Can be custom stained to your specifications – please contact a sales person for details
Taper Absolutely no taper at all.