Cordova – Palm

Cordova – Palm – Available in three styles, all variations on a Capiz and Palm-trunk theme. The Cordova line combines either natural or smoke capiz shell with sections of palm trunk. The palm is what makes this line so special. Truly unique to our company, the palm wood surface texture is totally different to anything else we’ve used before (in 30 years of business). Not only provides contrast in color, but texture as well. The matte finish of the Palm wood is the counterpoint of the gloss Capiz shell, creating striking texture especially when combined with creative lighting. 


Appearance Matte unfinished palm wood combined with glossy Capiz (either natural color or smoked).
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Interior only. Not appropriate for damp/wet spaces.
Fire Protection Currently in testing – results soon.
Durability Decorative natural material. Safari warranties against factory defect.
Size 2′ x 4′
Ease of Installation Simply apply construction adhesive to back of the board. Trim with material of your choice.
Finish Unvarnished
Materials Palm, Capiz, 5mm Plywood Backing (mesh backing available for special order)
Note As this is a naturally occurring material (Capiz & Palm), slight variations in color and appearance are expected (and in fact, sought after as it lends a more natural appearance), and are not indicative of material defect in any way.