Cocktail Bar

This 5-½ft wide square bar has an 11ft dia thatched roof with your choice of African Reed thatch, Tahiti Thatch or Synthetic Palm Thatch. Ample shade, beautiful rosewood countertops, overhead glass racks, and bamboo plywood facades provide truly stylish outdoor entertainment. Highly resistant to harsh weather, this bar is built to last. Replacement thatch is easy to order and install. Personalize your purchase with custom resin-pour counters, your choice of thatch, and custom installed appliances.
Appearance Medium sized square bar w/ an 11′ dia thatched roof, and the option of overhead glass racks and compartment space. Ample shade, beautiful rosewood countertops, and open bamboo board facades provide truly stylish outdoor living.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Perfect for both interior and exterior spaces, although at just under 10ft high, interior uses are limited.
Comm. vs. Res Suitable for both commercial and residential applications
Durability Highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, this bar is built to last a long time. The roof lifespan will vary depending on the thatch option you chose, but replacement thatch is extremely easy to order and install.
Size 11ft dia umbrella, 5.5ft wide base. Approximately 10ft tall.
Seats Seats 6 people plus bartender very comfortably.
Includes Includes 3 bar panels, 4 poles, 1 galvanized umbrella frame set, thatch, hardware, and complete set of installation instructions. Chairs are sold separately.
Electrical None (can be custom added – speak to a sales representative)
Ease of Installation Moderately difficult installation. Requires 2-3 people, and may take several hours. Complete detailed installation instructions are included with your purchase.
Custom Options Custom resin poured countertops, type of thatch, electrical outlets etc. As with any custom orders, please contact a salesperson to discuss your options.
Roofing Options African Thatch Reed, Synthetic Palm Thatch or Tahiti Thatch.
Materials Open bamboo board, bamboo poles, rosewood, thatch of your choice, galvanized steel frame