Cabanas and Tiki Bars

Bimini Bar

Cocktial Bar

Oasis Bar

Tahiti Bar

16′ Diameter Gazebo

Sunset Cabana

Cabanas and tiki bars are the perfect accessory to a pool or beach-side setting. They create the perfect gathering place or shaded area. Safari’s custom-made bars and gazebos are used in resorts, hotels, and restaurants worldwide.

Cabanas, Tiki Bars and Gazebos

Safari Thatch constructs and supplies well-designed, high-quality structures for both indoor and outdoor use. They include:

Tiki Bars. Our tikis can be used in both commercial and residential applications. They come with a circular or rectangular layout and provide shade, countertops, and seating room for 4 to 12 people. The roofing thatch can be synthetic, Reed, Tahiti, Mountain Grass, or Mexican Raincape. Custom upgrades include electrical outlets, custom appliance, and additional cabinetry.

Gazebos and Cabanas. Safari’s gazebos can be customized to provide a certain style that can be as diverse as African, Caribbean, or Pacific Island. Our gazebos are large, nearly 16 feet from edge to edge, and have a durable frame and posts. Gazebo roof options include synthetic palm as well as Tahiti, Mountain Grass, Cape Reed, and Mexican Raincape natural thatch. The cabanas are similar in style, with 12 1⁄2 foot thatched umbrellas on four posts. Roofing options include both natural and synthetic materials. Depending upon the kind of thatch that you pick and your climate, you may need replacement roofing materials after five or eight years. Only the thatch will need to be replaced—your posts and other parts of your tiki or gazebo structure are built to withstand the environment. Replacement is easy and we will provide you with detailed instructions.

Safari Thatch carries a large variety of cabanas, tikis, and roofing styles to meet the needs of your home, resort, entertainment, or outdoor areas. Let us know how we can help create an exotic indoor or outdoor space.