Bani – Vasco


Bani – Vasco combines Capiz shells, square-cut and centered inside rectangle-cut coconut shells. The brilliant brass metallic luster of the smoke-finished capiz contrasts sharply with the matte finished chocolate brown of the coconut shell. Perfect for decorative ceiling and wall treatments, as well as cabinetry inserts, and more!


Appearance Copper/Brass metallic coloration. Precise herringbone pattern. 5mm thick marine plywood backing.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Interior only. Not appropriate for damp/wet spaces.
Fire Protection Currently in testing – results soon.
Durability Decorative natural material. Safari only warranties against factory defect.
Size 2′ x 4′
Ease of Installation Simply apply construction adhesive to back of tile/board. Trim with material of your choice.
Finish Smoke – Capiz; Matte varnish – Coconut.
Materials Natural Capiz, Coconut Shell, 5mm marine plywood backing,
Note As this is a naturally occuring material (Capiz & Coconut), slight variations in color and appearance are expected (and in fact, sought after as it lends a more hand-made appearance), and are not indicative of material defect in any way.