Natural and Synthetic Thatch Materials

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Safari Thatch is the worldwide leader of renewable, exotic building materials.

We travel the globe to find the highest-quality materials to craft and design interior and exterior products for commercial businesses such as resorts, zoos, restaurants and bars. Our company, with over 92 years of combined experience, also offers authentic products to homeowners, including cabana bars and furniture.

Exotic Materials From Around the World

Thatch Lodge Construction

Thatch Lodge Construction

From these resources, we create settings that are designed for a global backdrop from areas using South Pacific, African, South American, Asian, and European-style thatch products. We can create a tropical island desert surrounding, a rustic bungalow feel, or any atmosphere that you require for your business or home. We consult with you, look at your design and then finish it with our materials, creating a showcase that will immerse your clients in another world.

Safari Thatch supplies materials and products for entertainment and leisure venues including:

Our many products include:

Viro Thatch Umbrella Panel

Viro Thatch Umbrella Panel

Natural and Synthetic Choices

Our renewable, natural materials are hand-gathered from sites around the world and woven to create a completely authentic appearance. Natural thatch is perfect for areas with low rainfall, low humidity, and dry conditions.

Safari Thatch also offers highly realistic, synthetic materials that are durable, long-lasting and versatile. They are commonly used in areas that experience extreme climate changes through the year, are non-toxic, UV-stable, and 100% recyclable. All of our thatch and bamboo materials are also available with pretreated and fire-rated options for safety.

Comprehensive Service

Safari Thatch supplies, manufactures, constructs and installs the products that we sell. Your project, no matter the size, will be carefully planned and produced to create the background or setting that you desire.

For more information about any of our products, please feel free to browse our gallery of work, or contact us, where our experienced professionals will be happy to discuss your plans for your unique project.

We invite you to come with us as we Live the Journey.