180 Weave / Tatami Mat

Also called Tatami Mat, this hand woven grass matting is most often used as decorative wall and ceiling treatments. These 4ft x 6ft sheets are also used under resin in countertops, as bar façades, or even as a beach mat. This product is extremely easy to install and adds instant tropical texture to any surface.

Appearance Also called Tatami Mat, this hand woven grass matting has a natural green-beige color.
Grade (Int. vs. Ext.) Best for interior applications, but can be used under a lanai or covered porch.
Fire Protection Yes – achieves class A interior fire rating when treated with Safari’s interior retardant
Durability While quite durable, like any natural product in an outdoor environment, there is a normal aging process. Lifespan can be prolonged by protecting product edges with trim, and by finishing the product with urethane.
Size 4ft x 6ft rolled sheet
Ease of Installation Extremely easy to install; stapled, nailed, or applied with contact adhesive. (TIP: Look at some of our other bamboo products to use as trim) This product is also used under resin poured countertops to achieve a stunning textured yet polished look.
Stainability Takes a stain
Materials Woven grass